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Tilda is a decentralized research organization (DRO) trusted by leading pharma companies, physicians, and patients. From identifying candidates to providing premier trial execution, Tilda delivers an end-to-end clinical study experience—and data you can rely on.

Streamline your journey from
idea to FDA-approved medicine

Here’s how we deliver reliable data
and excellent clinical trial execution:

Recruit patients in days, not months

Use AI-powered filters to quickly filter through millions of de-identified patient medical profiles to find the most relevant people for your study. We’ll reach out to them via our physician network, so you connect with the most relevant patients, faster.

Set up on-demand sites wherever your patients are

Equity in healthcare starts at clinical studies. Tilda partners with providers all over the country, even in remote areas. Our patient-focused site operation team brings clinical trials to patients and their communities directly.

Quality trial management produces reliable data

Reduce deviation and bias to obtain accurate patient outcomes. Our study execution process is built around industry-standard practices, and augmented through tech, to deliver best-in-class trial execution.

Improve retention through leading patient care

Tilda goes above and beyond to prioritize patient comfort and confidence. Through a skilled patient care staff and a range of personalized services, we help more patients see studies through to the end.

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With Tilda, you don’t have to choose between
fast recruitment and finding diverse patients

Identify your target patients

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly identify your ideal candidates for every trial, no matter the location, life stage, and medical need. The right to contact patients is built into our database.

Recruit from our network

Access our vast physician advocate network to educate and screen patients. Physician-recommended patients are more likely to stick with a clinical trial, giving you better data, at a lower cost.

Professionalism and efficiency at every stage

Physician-led patient education

Patients are more likely to stick with clinical studies that come recommended by their doctor. That’s why Tilda uses our physician advocate and education program to encourage more doctors (and their medical staff) to recommend relevant patients for clinical trials.

Caring PA for every patient

We take patient care seriously. That includes providing a personal patient advocate (PA) to help patients through the entire clinical trial.

Organized and digitized

Forget paper. Every experience and record is stored digitally to streamline communication and improve quality metrics. It’s never been easier to transfer patient data.

Deep clinical research expertise

Tilda is led by principal investigators and physicians with decades of experience conducting clinical research. Our research network includes KOLs in over 16 specialities with over 250 successful trial completions.

Fast recruitment. Diverse trial participants.
Quality trial execution.

That’s what you can expect by selecting Tilda as your Decentralized Clinical Research Partner.