What happens when you combine a team of
medical professionals and experienced engineers?

You get an innovative medical research team
that goes above and beyond for every patient.
That’s Tilda in a nutshell.

Our mission

Tilda exists to accelerate the development of new medical treatments by providing every person easy access to clinical trials. We do this through leading decentralized research technology and a caring team that always puts patients first.

Reimagining clinical trials from the ground up

We believe the future of healthcare will be powered by technology that gives all patients access to the best care. That starts with reimagining today’s complicated clinical trial process to make it more accessible for patients.

Tilda is championing a more diverse and inclusive clinical trial environment to help advance health equity. Pharmaceutical companies use Tilda to identify and enroll their ideal patients, and to run effective trials with precision. It’s now easier than ever to deliver clinical trials to patients, no matter where they live.

And we’re just getting started.

The values that inform our practice

Put patients first

We go the extra mile to meet patient needs. We operate with transparency and clarity so that patients can make educated decisions.

Move with urgency

We act with urgency, agility, and purpose. We make data-driven decisions, disagree and commit, and make reversible decisions fast.

Create and iterate fearlessly

Innovation is born from putting big ideas to the test. We learn from failure and double down on what’s working.

Challenge the status quo

The slow pace of innovation in the healthcare industry makes it ripe for disruption. We are ready to lead the way for change.

Respect & trust each other

We value and seek input from every person on the team and welcome diverse opinions, views, and experiences.

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