This is how medicine advances. This is how lives are changed.

Give your patients another option, with clinical trials. Tilda is a research organization and trial provider that puts patient wellbeing first.

A little help goes a long way

Physicians have enough on their plate.
That’s why when you refer a patient to Tilda, our team does the heavy lifting.
We take patient education and care very seriously.

Give patients access to cutting edge medicine

Clinical studies are an opportunity to provide patients with medicine and a level of care they might not otherwise receive. For the right patient, clinical studies can offer life-changing medicine.

Champion equity in healthcare

Clinical studies have historically left out minority groups and people living in remote areas. With Tilda, we go the extra mile to enlist underrepresented people in clinical studies, making medicine more equitable for all.

Your patients are in good hands

We prioritize patient safety through unmatched quality of care. The way we see it, the more comfortable the patient, the more likely they are to see a clinical trial through to the end.

Advance the future of medicine

Every clinical trial is a step toward better, safer, and more efficient medical options for all in the future.

Premier patient care through clinical studies

Careful monitoring

Tilda administers the clinical study and carefully monitors patients through each step.

Generous support

Tilda goes above and beyond to create a comfortable and convenient experience for every patient.

Information they can trust

Tilda offers the right information to help patients make informed decisions about their health.

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